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How INTJ Deals With Conflict

How An INTJ Deals With Conflict

I wouldn’t mind conflict so much if most people were not so damn irrational. Because of that fact alone, I absolutely despise conflict and nearly everything that surrounds it. Luckily, thanks to my naturally calm demeanor, it is an extremely rare occurrence in my life. In my personal experience, an INTJ is typically very calm throughout […]

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11 INTJ Can't Take A Compliment

No, I Can’t Take A Compliment

I don’t know what it is about compliments, but I find them downright uncomfortable. Being an INTJ; someone who is strong-willed, capable and confident (you heard me…confident), it is a strange juxtaposition that a personal compliment makes me want to disappear into a wall. I sincerely don’t know if this is a universal INTJ thing, […]

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3 How To Communicate With INTJ Woman

How To Communicate Bad News To An INTJ

A reader brought up an interesting question, and being that it is something that is a frequent struggle, it has inspired a post. The question that was brought to me was how, as an INTJ woman, how do we want to be heard. The struggle of which I speak, is the disbelief in my words and […]

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3 INTJ Life Simplification

The Necessity To Simplify Life | INTJ

Typically once or twice a year, I come to the realization that I have taken on too much, acquired an excessive amount of “things”, experience a bit of disorganization and find that my psyche goes on overdrive. As an INTJ, I want to do everything; I have a ridiculous amount of interests, obsessions, work and projects […]

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16 Young INTJ Female Guide

A Guide For The Young INTJ Female

If you are a young INTJ female, you have likely already spent most of your life feeling as if you are different, in every way. It took me a long time to come to terms with my differences. At nearly 40, I have learned so much about myself and how the fact that I am […]

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4 Introvert INTJ Phone Phobia

The Joys of Phone Phobia

It takes me a significant amount of balls to answer the phone, and even more balls to pick up the phone to make a call. I hate the phone, specifically when there is a stranger on the other end of it. Talking on the phone is just flat out awkward. Normally, I tend to write […]

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5 How An INTJ Shows Love and Affection

How An INTJ Shows Love and Affection

If you are reading this, and you are an INTJ at the (borderline insane) level that I consider myself, the title of this post likely induces a gag reflex or some similar reaction. Seriously, love and affection?! Gross. At any rate, we all know how important this is to others in our lives, so I […]

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2 INTJ Workaholic

The INTJ Workaholic

If there is one thing I could probably do forever, it is work. This isn’t a desire or intention, it is just the way I am built. Nobody understands it and it is surprisingly rarely appreciated, however I truck along regardless. I have used the term, “quiet workhorse type” to describe myself on cover letters, […]

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13 The Hardest Thing About Being an INTJ Woman

The Hardest Thing About Being an INTJ Woman

In all my years, I have struggled with a variety of things simply due to my personality type. When I didn’t know about the personality type, it was even more difficult. Regardless of all of my knowledge, life experience, lessons, mistakes and triumphs, there has been one consistent factor that has been the cause of […]

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2 Hiring and Employing and INTJ

Hiring and Employing an INTJ

I know many companies look to the MBTI in the hiring and interviewing process, and I find that to be valuable, as it provides key personality insights to your potential employee and assures that the employee will fit into the culture of the company. In my opinion, this method is heavily weighted in preference to […]

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