Amanda Evans INTJ FemaleI am certainly not anyone of significance, but I am a person who has had many failures, many successes, many life lessons and continues to grow personally, despite the contradictory pull of the Universe.

I am a digital marketing professional, musician and an INTJ. Most of my blog posts surround life as an INTJ, not to be written for the INTJ, but written in a more accessible way about the INTJ. I do not claim to be a strong writer and most of the posts are just thought dumps, inspired by past or present singular events or comments about my personality.

On Being an Entrepreneur

I have launched many businesses over the years, some by accident and a couple which have simply sprung from an idea or personal passion. I have also helped others launch their ideas, but sadly, most do not have the drive to take it and run with it. It is a tragic comedy when someone has passion behind an idea, yet lack the desire to follow through when it becomes a reality. Luckily, I have found a kindred spirit in my husband, an ENTJ who is as driven as I am and allowed me to help launch his dreams into the reality of a full-time career. Although Sound Minded Music Academy and Modern Art Rock Studios were his hobbies and brainchildren, I was finally able to use my drive to make someone else’s dream a success. I am always building, or creating an idea for a new project.

Digital Marketing Professional

Being a serial entrepreneur was the catalyst to becoming a digital marketing professional. I have had my hands in nearly all of it since 1999, when I launched my first business, which was a vintage clothing resale shop. I have been self-taught and have grown with the industry. I received a Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing in 2014 to “validate” my 15 years of experience, and have been holding a full-time career in the industry since 2009.

Currently, I am an OMCP Certified Marketing Professional, Google AdWords Qualified Individual and Bing Ads Accredited Professional.


I have been playing the bass guitar since 1993. I am a studio-type bassist with a great ear and exactly zero knowledge of music theory. I am the “hear it and play it” type and am currently in the studio recording for an upcoming release with my band, Alive in Stereo.


I am an INTJ, and have never tested for anything other than that, even as a child. I write a lot about the intricacies of being an INTJ, the challenges and managing to survive on this planet as this personality type.

A Little More

I love movies with a non-fiction premise, especially Martin Scorsese flicks. My longest running favorite movie is “Casino”. I typically read non-fiction, have obsessions with European monarch history, cultural history, fashion history, the paranormal, astronomy, true crime and criminal psychology.